So you want to join Youth Club?


Do you have what it takes to be a member of Youth Club?!

Youth Club does not have a Recruitment and Selection Campaign. Neither do we have such posters, like the above one, adorning the walls and newspapers. Yet, our members remain inundated with requests from people who want to join Youth Club, especially after a major event. These requests mostly come from the youth (obviously), but we have also been getting them from grandparents and pre-teen kids.

“How do I become a member?”

“I have filled in the registration form, now what?”

These are some of the typical queries that we usually get.

Here are some pointers and food for thought for the benefit of all those who would like to join the awesome-st organization in town.

1- Why do you want to join? What are your intentions? Is it so that the awesomeness rubs off, or is it the scrumptious, famed YC Biryani? 😉

Remember, YC is primarily a Dawah organisation. As we inspire positive change, we want to do it for the sake of our Creator and we want to remain sincere to Him.

2- What skills can you offer to help inspire positive change?

Think of your strengths and offer them. Are you good at creative writing, photography, graphic designing, cooking, teaching..? Do you have a smashing new idea for YC to implement?

3- Take the initiative. Most of our members are extremely proactive and creative. They have initiated some kind of productive activity in their own area or at their workplace or their educational institute. Look around you. How can you inspire positive change in your sphere of influence? Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen.

One simple example would be to form a buddy group which meets up once a week, perhaps at a Masjid or at somebody’s house. Watch and discuss a thought-provoking video or go through an inspiring book together.

4- Attend all the YC events. We have either monthly or bi-monthly events. Volunteer for them! Meet our members. Stay in touch.

5- Attend the weekly halaqahs taking place for sisters and brothers in different areas, whether they be at a university near you or at a particular venue. Make inquiries if you don’t know about them yet!

6- Harness the power of social media. Most of our marketing as well as a lot of Dawah work is done online. So you could be an avid sharer or a video expert. Use the various mediums to let people know about YC, and share in the reward.

7- Keep in touch with the current members. Brothers and sisters of YC are always busy with some project or the other. So come up to them and ask if you could help them with something. Don’t be shy! Our team is known to be friendly and courteous 🙂

8- Commitment and hard work– you must have these qualities engrained in you. The YC work is as tough as it is fun. The hard work remains hidden behind the scenes, while the glamour appears onstage! Our current members have families, some study full-time, others work full-time; they have all the burdens of a normal life. Yet when it comes to YC, they remain devoted and passionate, never putting the excuses of dunya before working for a noble cause, Alhamdolilllah!

The above include some of the ways how the current members got involved with YC. They didn’t send in resumes and appear for formal interviews!

Our primary purpose at Youth Club is to create and inspire dynamic and well-rounded personalities, who inspire positive change wherever they are. We wish to be Dawah-carriers and devout worshippers of our Supreme Creator. We organise events, share articles/videos/ thought provoking statuses and activities solely for the pleasure of our Lord. So even if you don’t become actual members, just become amazing, awesome, super-cool Muslims!

P.S. We also have a lot of stuff in the pipeline, lots of surprises to spring at you. So stay tuned and make Dua for us! 🙂
P.P.S. Let us know in the Comments if you found the pointers beneficial.

14 thoughts on “So you want to join Youth Club?

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  1. umm what about female volunteers who won’t possibly be able to join most of the YC events but still wish to contribute?


  2. You can come to the weekly halaqas where YCL has separate arrangement for sisters, engage with them interact and stay in touch insha’Allah. And whenever a major event is around you can coordinate with the sisters in-charge and can volunteer, insha’Allah.


  3. I am done with the registrations and agree to the term. What next? How will i get to know about the event?


  4. Until an actual plan of action to communicate with ‘members’ & assigning tasks will be established. In the meantime do keep in touch with us in the online realm for now. A lot of behind the scenes are being formulated. Just bear with us inshaAllah.


  5. I so want to be a part of you. But i am. Medical student and lives in hostel so its kindda difficult to attend the events. I can help through internet any time. I would love to help through internet. 🙂 as me anytime


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