PSL – The Final Showdown

Fans! Just about a few minutes ago, we all experienced an enthralling final showdown. With zealous emotions, cheerful evenings, bonds of togetherness, and hopes of winning yet again with another year, another tournament comes to an end. Memories? Yes, for sure! We all have enjoyed ourselves in unlimited doses of fun, laughter and excitement throughout the season. And honestly, it’s never bound to the crazy cricket fandom. The unpredictable scores, outstanding performances, social media titbits and players giving in some proud moments surely kept us all hooked, making our Februaries and Marches a little more buzzing. One team soared in elation while the other uplifted themselves in hopes of claiming the trophy next year. And like that, the bittersweet rollercoaster ride finally bid us goodbye leaving us with an opportunity to undergo a highlight reel reflecting on the overall season.

Since its inception seven years ago, PSL seasons have always geared a level up. Apart from the gaming side, entertainment has also been the standout spinner keeping the audiences oh-so-excited and ready to jammin. Talk about the grand opening ceremonies, brand new roaring anthems, glamorised celeb fests and swarms of overjoyed audiences. Everything looks good with unicorn glasses on. However, delving deep into the bigger picture, the grainy bumps of the perfect-looking smooth pitch get sieved out and portray a lil disturbing story. How so? Let’s explore!

First and foremost, we all know that Pakistan is juggling through the worst times of its history. Surging inflation, unstoppable downsizing, rupee devaluation, closed LCs and highest unemployment rates, everything has turned so cliche over the years that people now seem to have stopped caring altogether. And when it comes to PSL, the tales of extravaganza can clearly steal the best-seller nominee. Where some have set a blind eye, bringing up ‘one of the best opening ceremonies in the history of PSL’ kinda tweets’, others seemed to have condemned the not-so-necessary gold and glamour, putting up ‘Are we not the same nation half of whose people are suffering under inflation and half by floods, which is also asking for loans from the IMF and is close to default. Where there is no such thing as justice and tongues are tied’ type of remarks. 

Secondly, a not-so-famous yet reality-check sort of meme opened our eyes as it showcased how the world’s biggest football tournament started out with the recitation of the glorious Quran (the music kicked in afterwards, though) but the ceremony purely belonging to a Muslim land took off with the roars of ‘chashmaas and shaans’. Hilarious! Isn’t it? Actually, it makes me think, since when did we start to have such on-the-face lyrics which sound like everything but cricket, let alone true team spirit, valour and vigour? 

Apart from all this, another highlighting pinch comes in the way when we realise how many hours go by and we are still glued to the screens. Thankfully, the gruelling days of the ODIs are long gone. But even in the T20s, we should learn how to navigate through our time effectively. Match night with friends? Sure, it sounds good once in a while. But, this newly formed habit of youth, catching up every single day, leaving everything behind, and just giving themselves in completely for a two and half-hour match does not sound wise! How often have you experienced a situation when azaans are being called out in masjids, and people go oblivious, screaming at the top of their lungs? Mothers especially have been there, calling out to their sons in urgency only to hear dialogues like ‘ammi match k beech mai kese jaun?’. Now, most of you might be thinking, ah, so what? What are they even talking about? It’s no big deal. Well, you sure can think like that, but what if we start thinking otherwise? And that finally brings us to ‘our’ final showdown, which is how to have halal entertainment! 

Imagine having the time of your life filled with fun, laughter and joy. Now, imagine having all that fun sprinkled with the utmost blessings and mercy of Allah (SWT). Will this entertainment ever be equivalent to entertainment which is against the will of Allah (SWT)? Absolutely not! What if today we all team up in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood to make an honest intention that from now on, our urge for entertainment shall not supersede the bigger purpose of our lives? We’ll enjoy ourselves to the fullest as long as we are not overindulging or compromising on our core values and responsibilities. That, we’ll cut down on the bad company of bootless friends and engage with the people of dreams, dignity and drive. That, we’ll continue to take in and let go for the sake of Allah (SWT). That, we’ll protect ourselves from the modern-day allures of show-offs and swags and win hearts through decency and humbleness.

With the end of this memorable PSL journey, let us all aim to start off our new journeys towards a better life. A life the fours and sixers of which are headed in the right direction, soaring high in the skies and making it to their final scoreboard – the paradise! And with that, our heartfelt congratulations to the winning team and lots and love and prayers for the competitors. May the best team wins – until next time! In Sha Allah.


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