Ramadan and I: It’s complicated

By Juwayriyah Shabir I have a confession to make. Ramadan terrifies me. I shy away from acknowledging my guilty secret amid the tangible excitement in the lead up to the holy month. There is this peculiar nervous energy that matters the days before Ramadan. A palpable tension reverberates through the air. Is it the demons... Continue Reading →

A Believer’s Guide to Knowledge

By Zahra There are always some pre-decided manners to accomplish any task. This is true when it comes to gaining beneficial knowledge. Gaining knowledge is easy but if one truly wants to be benefited from the acquired knowledge, these guidelines and etiquette must be followed.   Have pure intentions for the sake of Allah and to... Continue Reading →

Careless Whispers

By Masooma Malik Lost in the hustle of this world, we have forgotten the basic etiquette of almost everything. There are always some standards, practiced by societies and there are a set of values given by the ultimate higher authority, Allah S.W.T.  Sometimes, the two go hand in hand, but often they contradict.  We silently adore... Continue Reading →

Understanding Human Behaviour through Islam and Western Psychology

By Numerah Bazme To compare and contrast between two aspects is to find similarities and differences among them. In this article, western psychology and the Islamic perspective are compared to understand the differences between the two ideologies. This article discusses three essential concepts: Human Nature, Human Motivation, and Free Will vs. Determinism in the light... Continue Reading →

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