PSL – The Final Showdown

Fans! Just about a few minutes ago, we all experienced an enthralling final showdown. With zealous emotions, cheerful evenings, bonds of togetherness, and hopes of winning yet again with another year, another tournament comes to an end. Memories? Yes, for sure! We all have enjoyed ourselves in unlimited doses of fun, laughter and excitement throughout... Continue Reading →

The Christchurch Incident – A Manifestation of Islamophobia 

Have we been pointing fingers in the wrong direction?  The Christchurch Incident shook the entire Ummah with grief so profound, most of us had never felt it before. A Christian extremist had martyred more than fifty Muslims, injuring another fifty or so people as he attacked two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The perpetrator, a... Continue Reading →

Aurat aur Azadi

The world in this fast-paced modern and materialistic era has managed to convince us women that things are their opposites. Our priorities have been turned upside down. Our values are in disarray.We've been taught that some of our greatest natural assets and feminine powers are actually our greatest liabilities and weaknesses, and that we need... Continue Reading →


In the previous months, there has been enough talk about the trans agenda that has taken over our screens with the release of Joyland. We had the serial Ankahi giving a cheeky thumbs up to Joyland, and now the latest episode of the popular USAID-funded serial Sar-e-Rah! Wait, what is USAID doing here? Read on!... Continue Reading →

Dear Flood Victims, We Are With You! 

"Pakistan is facing an emergency!"  "Over 30 million people have been affected by the floods."  "The damage is so colossal; it will take years to rebuild…."  Terrifying and heart-wrenching headlines and videos have been circulating on social media. Stones waiting to crumble, buildings ready to crash, food, clothing, shelter - nowhere to be found, and... Continue Reading →

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