Pursuit of Success

By Saima Shahzad People from different walks of life have a similar idea of success i. e. to own a happy family, a progressing career and a trendy lifestyle. In this race of getting ahead of each other, people tend to forget that their pursuit of success is faulty. It doesn’t sound wise to choose... Continue Reading →

A Struggling Muslim

By Maheen Ali We are living in an age of hustle, competition, and chaos. Adults stuck in a cycle of 9 to 5 jobs, youngsters struggling to balance sleep and study while trying to build a perfect future, and housewives running to complete their household chores. Everyone seems to be a part of a race... Continue Reading →

Deen and Dunya Are More Connected Than We Think

By Mahnoor SiddiquiNowadays, we see people functioning in extremes  whenever it comes to deen and dunya. Some people completely devote or invest themselves and their everything into this world and its affairs, forgetting completely about the Judgement Day (Akhirah) that we all must and have to face. While, we see others secluding themselves from the... Continue Reading →

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