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Moving Towards Progress



It’s not very healthy to stay up late,

But it does have some advantages, I’m sure you can relate.

For the time when you’re alone, you can think about your life,

Get to set your priorities, know the purpose for which you strive,

Because you’re more than just a bee, that’s working in a hive,

Got to meet expectations, just so you can survive.

Such has become our life, working like a machine,

Day in and day out, so your achievements can be seen.

It’s like chasing a dream, only one that seems real,

Where we’ve learned to invent, but forgotten how to feel.

The technology around us has made our senses numb,

Our phones are now smart but our people are getting dumb.



If you ask someone their purpose of life, they say they’re not sure,

“I have a house and a job, what could one want more?”

You’re expected to go by the norms, tagged weird if you don’t follow,

People not having peace of mind thinking your life is hollow.

We’ve made science our judge in all that we know,

Seeing only perfections and not a single flaw.



What good are our inventions, if we don’t use them to recognize the One?

Besides whom worthy of worship is no One.

The progress is good as long as we’re aware,

That we need to be serious about the coming affair.

So we stop and stare, see if we’re guarding our prayer,

Before the day comes of the greatest blare,

When people are racing ahead, their heads raised up*

Their glance not wandering here and there*

And their hearts are empty, due to fear*.



How severe would be that Day, have we ever given it a thought?

Or are we too busy counting the numerous things we’ve bought?

It’s a battle against our Nafs, either we lose or we win,

And Shaitaan’s going to disown you, saying you chose to sin.

So realize your purpose and start to prepare,

This materialistic world is always ready to ensnare.

The moment you stop to care, you’ll quickly digress…

Make a world where people at least try to sin less.


*Qura’n; 14:43


Light of Dawn

This piece of poetry was written on the theme of SIST ’14: Revive the light within; let the change begin

I gaze at the moonless sky, covered with black clouds
The darkness piercing my eyes, I close them with a frown
I hear the cry of jackals, oh what an eerie sound!
Rest is as still as death, I sit there as if spellbound

Staring at the shadows of trees, hopelessness grips me
Innocent eyes brimming with tears, in my memory, I can see
Small hands, rough and dirty, plead for just one meal
This is not the story of a single child, it’s of millions in my country

There are those who talk of change yet their walk remains the same
With a fake face, they help society, but their hearts are in plague
The ones who persist in evil, corruption and bad fame
Are no good either from those who play the game without a name

Tired of failing to earn an honest penny is the young man who ends his life
Same goes for the pretty damsel, through whose broken heart pierces the knife
This depression, is it due to a lack of purpose, among the youth, rife?
Is all the education and those degrees really not worth the strife?

Thinking such desolate thoughts, with a heavy head, I fall asleep
Only to be waken by a ray of light, that through the windows peeped
The next day had come and the sun had risen, looking strong and sweet
Despite the darkness every night, resolute to spread the light, through every crack and creep

Sunlight through the trees

Suddenly I felt the hopelessness seeping out of my very soul
It’s true that our situation is bad, but certain things we can control
The sun rises every day, determined to fulfill its role
Nature stares in our face all the time, meant to inspire, so we too set firm goals

After all, darkness and evil prevailed even worse in the Prophet’s times
But in a few years, the picture displayed peace and conquests, with hardly any crimes
It was one man who became the agent of change, with only a few people by his side
Allah’s Word, the Glorious Quran, was what helped them spread the light

So my dear brothers and sisters, pay heed to these signs in nature therein
This Quran has been called An-Nur by the Lord, so it will revive the light within
The depression and frustration will end only if you turn to Him
So understand His Words with an open heart, enlighten yourself and let the change begin!

Let the sparks fly!

By Nasser Ijaz Moghal


And with it comes a deafening silence

None is spared for defiance

The day when the kingdom is His and His alone

The Possessor of the Mighty Throne

Resuscitated as they were once created

But previously they had much debated

Darkness engulfs them in an aura of despair

For praise was the purpose of their prayers

The needy they would not feed

How evil is the creed of deceit?!

Light is for only those who listened and acted

To them these despicable creatures are attracted

Soon angels come and pluck them away

Then these hypocrites began to say

“Without you, there’s only darkness left here

The foretold punishment is what we fear

Why is it today that we are being divided?

Wait for us; our matter is still undecided”

Get your light from days gone past

But death is a barrier unsurpassed

A wall will then be erected in between

Judgment Day will indeed convene

Undoubtedly we will all witness such a time

This could be your story or mine

So change today and revive the light within

Accumulate good deeds and abstain from sin

Lit hearts will illuminate our path on that day

Either in heaven or hell we shall forever stay

Allah says in Surah al-Hadeed (ayah 12-15):

“On the Day you shall see the believing men and the believing women their light running forward before them and by their right hands. Glad tidings for you this Day! Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), to dwell therein forever! Truly, this is the great success!

On the Day when the hypocrites men and women will say to the believers: “Wait for us! Let us get something from your light!” It will be said: “Go back to your rear! Then seek a light!” So a wall will be put up between them, with a gate therein. Inside it will be mercy, and outside it will be torment.”

(The hypocrites) will call the believers: “Were we not with you?” The believers will reply: “Yes! But you led yourselves into temptations, you looked forward for our destruction; you doubted (in Faith); and you were deceived by false desires, till the Command of Allah came to pass. And the chief deceiver (Satan) deceived you in respect of Allah.”

So this Day no ransom shall be taken from you (hypocrites), nor of those who disbelieved, (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism). Your abode is the Fire, that is the proper place for you, and worst indeed is that destination.”

Gone with the Wind

Sometimes when I’m alone, I let my imagination run wild,
My mind wanders through deserts, I let the sand be my guide

I hear the hooves of horses, impatiently stamping the ground
They wait for the command of the leader, awaiting just a sound

I see in the eyes of warriors, bravery and determination
Their fearlessness comes from fear of the Master of creation

They conquer land upon land, pursuing no personal gain
Persia, Rome, Egypt, all for establishing Allah’s name

I also see the rulers in streets of these great kingdoms
Dressed in rags, nothing to eat, yet their hearts brim with wisdom

Both rich and poor of the nation, lead such simple lives
Working for an honest penny, they don’t know the meaning of lies

I see seekers of knowledge everywhere, thirsty and eager
Striving to learn night and day, though resources are meagre

One man travels 700 miles, just for listening to a single Hadith
He does not have a car or camel, he travels without any ease

Corruption and dishonesty, their dictionary has not these words
Muslims they are, they submit, they do not mock or curse

Pleasing the Lord of the Worlds is their only goal
They do not bow in front of humans, free are their souls

Suddenly I snap out of my vision, I wake up to today
‘Where have those Muslims gone?’, I cry out in dismay


Summer Camp ’13 (For Sisters)

Assalam u ‘alaykum.

Youth Club is organizing a summer camp for sisters that comprises of lots of interesting categories. It’s from June 10th to July 4th, Mondays to Thursdays from 5-7 pm.

Venue is Farooqia Masjid Hall for ladies in F-6/1, Islamabad.

But it’s the categories that are most interesting. Here’s a brief overview of them:

1. The summer camp’s going to have Wing Chun training. Wing Chun is basically Chinese martial art and self-defense. Learning self-defense has plenty of benefits. The most obvious one is that it helps in protecting oneself in untoward situations. But then, it’s also a form of worship. Because your body has a right on you and you’re learning to protect your body. Also, you can use it against enemies or protecting other people. Moreover, Wing Chun makes you strong and active. (What kind of exercise doesn’t?) An active body can worship Allah with more concentration and ease. Not to forget the famous narration of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wassalam, “The strong (active) believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, while there is good in both.” (Muslim) An active body does not sink into a bad mood easily. People who do exercise stay more happy and contented than those who don’t. It also releases tension, doctors recommend exercise to those in depression. It also makes you feel good about yourself and increases your self esteem. Okay, I can just go on with benefits of exercise, and then self-defense? Let’s not get started. 😛

2. Tajweed is another segment of the camp. What is tajweed? It is reciting the Quran properly, the way it should be recited and the way it was revealed. Isn’t that beautiful? It was revealed on Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wassalam, the best man that ever lived, by Jibreel, the best angel ever. And Quran is the Word of Allah. Imagine reciting His Words beautifully! ❤ And imagine being able to speak English, Urdu and many other languages fluently and perfectly and not being able to recite Allah’s Words in the correct manner? 😦

Moreover, if you don’t recite Quran properly, you’re bound to make mistakes and thus change the meaning of the words. Sometimes those wrong meanings turn out to be horrifying. *shudders*

And then, no music compares to the beautiful sound of proper recitation. It’s the best sound ever! Soothing, relaxing, takes away all worries, makes you positive and wanting to love Allah more. You’ll feel the power of those words when you recite them correctly.

3. Another category is memorization of duas (supplications). Now I love this one. No book needed, no nothing. You’re in a situation and you just read the appropriate dua. Brings such a secure feeling. And real security as well. 🙂

4. Here’s the creme de la creme. Explanation of Surah Yusuf, accompanied with workshops. Yusuf ‘alaihissalam was so amazing that whenever I read about him, I feel I’m getting to know him for the first time. You feel so close to him when you see the things he went through and you can relate so well and find out solutions to your own problems… No words can do justice to his story but here’s a poem that might shed some light on it:

This is not just another poem telling a common tale
It is the best of stories so gear up to follow the trail

A young boy is our hero, who grew into a fine man
His seeing a strange dream is where it all began

The story ends at the place where dreams come true
But in between, there are many chronicles for me and you

Incidents of a man who always did things at excellence
Even when hurt by his own, he didn’t forego forgiveness

Loved dearly by his father, his brothers threw him in a well
It was a hard time for him but he patiently dwelt

There he heard a voice from above and he knew what to do
Telling him he’ll inform them of what they used to do

He was found by a caravan, taken as a slave and sold
They didn’t know his worth, for he was more precious than any gold…

Meanwhile in Palestine, his father cried in front of God
He loved his child dearly, but only Allah’s help he sought

So he grew up in Egypt into a handsome and wise man
Little do people know it was all part of HIS plan

The wife of his master giving up to her whim
Locked him in a room and tried to seduce him

But he didn’t betray his master, so loyal was he
The moment he knew her intention, he tried to flee

A man in such a situation would easily incline
But as the chosen one he was shown from Allah a sign

And the women in the city, what a statement they gave
The wife of Al-Azeez is in love with her slave

So she invited them to a banquet, gave them knives with care
Then she showed him to them and they started to stare

They cut their hands in awe, so handsome was he
Yusuf, the Prophet, is the hero of our story

In good & bad times, from Allah he drew strength of his heart,
In all the things he went through, are signs for those who’re smart

Now if you wanna learn more from the journey of this great man
Just keep calm…. and join Youth Club’s Summer Camp!

Facebook Event Page:
Details of Summer Camp ’13:

Summer Camp '13 Sisters

This Is My Story

The first verse was shared as a tweet by a sister, then I wrote a poem on it :p 

Comment what you think about it below and don’t forget to share. May Allah accept it. 

This is my side of the story, only my burden to bear

You don’t have to share my grief, you only have to hear

Once I was a brave man, a man having no fear

Or at least I thought I was, not having a care

I used to drink and party a lot

My friends were the most notorious lot

We went to clubs during the night

And danced till the sun was shining hot

On weekdays I used to go to work

And stare at girls along the way

I used to flirt with most of them

Said things I would not publicly say

I used to laugh at misfortunate people

There was nothing that they could really do

“They’re so pathetic,” I used to think

And help them? That I would never do!

I shouted at my mother till the end of her life

I threatened my caring wife day and night

To change me when they used to strive

We used to have a serious fight

Then one day I hit a car on the way

Didn’t feel much pain, but a bit I did sway

And Bam! My body fell on the ground

Alas! My soul had been taken away!

For the first time in my life I felt afraid

When I saw those angels with black faces

They wrapped me in a cloth so roughly made

And every group of angels, sent on me curses

I was sent from the heaven back down to earth

My soul till The Hour to rot in the grave

Now I wish I didn’t do what I did

For I see the hellfire night and day

So I warn all those souls still in their bodies

To pay attention to what I say

For now you might do what you want

But then you’ll be in my state, and it might be today…


When The Earth Starts To Shake…

In light of the frequently occurring earthquakes these days… Most of these signs can be found in various Ahadith of the Prophet (SallAllaahu Alaiyhi Wasallam). I tried to find the ones I could. See the links in sha Allah.

As we reach close to the end of times

The earth gets filled with sins and crimes

When Humans worse than animals behave

When a child treats his own mother as a slave (1)

When false prophets start to increase in number (2)

When you wake people up but they prefer to slumber

When the most loved person is a liar and deceiver

When the most hated person is a faithful believer

When even Muslims start believing in false prophecies

When no one is afraid of committing hypocrisy

When killing someone becomes a piece of cake

When while taking a life, a person’s hands don’t even shake (3)

When children of fornication are born everyday

When people stop caring if someone goes astray

When all of this gets too much to take

Then that is when the earth frequently starts to shake… (4)

Graph provided by DL Research -
Graph provided by DL Research –