Türkiye and Syria: Geçmiş Olsun

Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Türkiye and Syria are suffering. As fellow Muslims, we should feel their pain as we feel our own, and extend help and support through all possible means. Take a moment to make dua for the departed souls. Anyone who dies after being crushed under a falling wall is a... Continue Reading →

Walkthrough – The YC Yearly Planner 2023

Make it Happen  Ready to hit 2023 with a new year, new me resolution? We may have just the thing to make it finally work this time around. If you are tired of not hitting the goals you’ve been dreaming of for years, YC’s Yearly Planner is just what you need to stay on track... Continue Reading →

Dear Flood Victims, We Are With You! 

"Pakistan is facing an emergency!"  "Over 30 million people have been affected by the floods."  "The damage is so colossal; it will take years to rebuild…."  Terrifying and heart-wrenching headlines and videos have been circulating on social media. Stones waiting to crumble, buildings ready to crash, food, clothing, shelter - nowhere to be found, and... Continue Reading →

Self-Love: Am I loving myself right?

Am I loving myself right?  You'd see global pop musicians, athletes, Instagram influencers, and YouTubers all talking about it, highlighting different concepts and sharing different ideas. But there's one conversation you'll now find in every corner of social media that even some of our YC speakers have addressed – the intriguing, appealing concept of self-love. ... Continue Reading →

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