Submissions Criteria

The YC Blog accepts unsolicited submissions as well as submissions done through a periodic Call for Articles, advertised on our Facebook page. For all submissions, the following criteria applies. For now, the Blog will only accept articles in English. All submissions must be submitted through in Word or Google Doc format. No other formats will be accepted.


  1. The blog represents Youth Club’s message of spreading the message of Islam in a positive and interesting light.
  2. Articles should be non-political, non-sectarian and free of any kind of hate speech.
  3. 1000 words is the general word-limit. This can be extended if required and approved by the Youth Club Blog Manager.
  4. All submission and editing deadlines must be adhered to strictly.
  5. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling must be ensured throughout.
  6. UK English spelling and grammar is to be used consistently.
  7. Where a non-English word is used, the meaning in English has to be given with it unless it is commonly known
  8. Please make sure that your submission is in Word or Google Doc format before you submit. Please include a title for your article and your name clearly in the heading of the document.


  1. Articles without proper referencing of Islamic sources will not be accepted.
  2. All references to Quran and Hadith must be referenced properly. Quranic verses should be formatted in the following way: Surah Name, Surah Number: Ayat Number. Ahadith should be referenced: Book Name, Hadith Number.
  3. All references to Quran and Hadith must be verified from or We will not accept unverified ahadith, without prior approval.
  4. All references to Islamic texts or scholars need to be referenced in name/source/date format.


  1. The Youth Club Blog’s management and editorial team reserves the right to edit articles for clarity, length, and style.
  2. The Youth Club Blog’s management team reserves the right to publish submitted articles whenever deemed appropriate.
  3. The Youth Club Blog’s management  reserves the right to accept or reject any article submitted to the Youth Club Blog for any reason deemed appropriate.

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