Ramadan Challenge: Animal Rights!

Islam encourages kindness to not only fellow human beings but also other living creatures. We are told: “Verily, Allah is Kind and He loves kindness" (Muslim) Kindness should be shown to all of Allah's creatures specially animals because they can not complain back to you about their problems, they are powerless in many ways. We encounter animals... Continue Reading →


Ramadan Challenge: The Dip!

By Nasser Ijaz Moghal Contrary to popular belief this article is not about a new Ramadan chip-dip recipe. What I’m about to uncover is the basis of success for the entire Muslim Ummah! Iman (faith) is not stagnant. Faith increases and decreases during certain times, conditions and as a result of certain actions. As Allah... Continue Reading →

“Mommy Special”- Crafting with Kids in Ramadan!

[Guest Post for YC Blog - by a mother for parents looking for ideas on keeping their kids busy and excited during Ramadan, specially the last 10 days] With the dawn of Ramadan, I thought about a bit older kids, The ones who have started fasting last year or who will be fasting this year... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Challenge: What to do in the Masjid?

By Fatima Sajid A masjid is considered a place of worship and learning in Islam. It unites the community of Muslims five times a day. Bigger Masajid hold khutbahs (lectures) and other Islamic educational programs for children and adults alike. Since it’s the month of Ramadan and most of us are frequently visiting the masjid, I... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Challenge: the Need to Read!

By Fatima Asad I was a bibliophile.  My passion for books was that of a nerd inspiring.  I could read a 500 pager in a few hours- still can if I lock my kids in a cage and stop feeding the husband.  Go ahead and ask what was my favourite genre.  You: "What was your... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Challenge: For the Muslim Ummah’s Pain!

By Sualeha Khan Have you ever scrolled down your Facebook news-feed or a news app on your phone and found heart wrenching news about bombings, pellet guns and Muslims facing torture for their beliefs and their way of dressing, or pictures of injured young, helpless children and bleeding bodies on the floor in different parts... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Challenge: Gratitude to the One!

By Abdul Rehman Raza The One who is most worthy of our gratitude, more than anyone else, is Allah, our Lord! But why should we be grateful to Him anyway? The basic thing that separates humans from every other living thing is the ability to think and ponder. A rabbit would never sit under a... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Challenge: Habit Breaking!

By Sana Aslam Is there a sin in your life that bugs you again and again? Is it like a bouncy ball - you throw it away and it comes back to you? I'm sure your answer would be in the affirmative. Countless times in our life we sin, then we feel ashamed and repent. Being... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Challenge: The Smile Culture!

By Anonymous  Do you know about that one simple curve that sets everything straight? You got it, it's your beautiful smile! 🙂 A smile is truly the best makeup you can wear; you can use a before and after picture test to observe the difference! Its benefits are numerous, especially for your role as a... Continue Reading →

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