Five practical steps to be a steadfast Muslim!

Not a single person can deny the fact that human nature is notorious and censurable;  history is one unfortunate witness to this very fact! But human beings are bound to err. They were never designed to be perfect, nor  do they run on pre-defined algorithms for pre-designed results. They are not machines- rather they are driven by their... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Happiness

The writer is a convert sister from the Scandinavian part of Europe who has been following the activities of the Youth Club through the online realm. She has written this piece exclusively for the Youth Club Blog. We welcome her to Islam, and pray that Allah grants her steadfastness.   I've been raised watching romantic comedies and all kinds... Continue Reading →

The Book That Doesn’t Leave Out Anything

By Jawwad Ahmed Picture this: There is a book in your hand. When you first get hold of it, you wonder what it is about. It doesn't have the usual ‘about this book’ part on the hardback cover, so you open it somewhere in the middle. You read a few lines, and you gasp. You are... Continue Reading →

Diary of A Spoilt Brat

  By Umm Ibrahim The ever-alert guard slides open the gate, and my chauffeur-driven car glides in smoothly to a view of lush green grass, and all the colors of spring in bloom. I step out and look around at the gardeners busy working away in the sun. “I have to leave in 30 minutes... Continue Reading →

O People of Quran! Where are you?

By Umm Ibrahim O people of Quran! Where are you? Your Quran waits for you, Day in and day out, As you waste away the day, As you slumber through the night. Your Quran waits for you, As you flip through the magazines, As you surf the internet, As you watch the movies. Your Quran... Continue Reading →

19 Lessons Fatherhood Taught Me

By Zaki Imtiaz  As Muslims, we often hear the virtues of motherhood and the benefits that kids bring to their mothers. However, it seems that fatherhood and its joy and importance often get ignored in the process. So, I decided to compile a list of some things that I've learnt and experienced from being a... Continue Reading →

Caught between the Mother and the Wife

  By Zaki Imtiaz  The best thing about getting married is partnership, isn't it? Ask those who are happily married. A marriage may survive without money, but can't survive without the mutual partnership. Newly married couples enjoy their lives in the most halal way. Allah has described them as Libas (garments) of each other, covering... Continue Reading →

Journey of Love- Ten Boosters

With the end of November, we have reached the end of our exciting theme of the month, #LoveStruck, a theme that gave us ample food for thought. At this point, the YouthClub Bloggers can’t help but think that there is no one in the whole wide world who could love us in a more selfless... Continue Reading →

The Missing Ingredient: Gratitude

By Fareed Ahmad Stephen R. Covey, in his book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, compares the concept of Character Ethics with Professional Ethics.  He stresses that in order to succeed in the long term, a person must focus on enhancing his character ethics, rather than merely his professional ethics. Character ethics cover several... Continue Reading →

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