Are we normalising negative behaviours?

By Jaweria Ibrahim  Scene#01 It’s a busy day at work and you’ve been working diligently through the staggering pile of tasks. By mid-day, most of it is done and you’re already anticipating freedom. But then your jerk boss saunters by with another “on my desk at the end of the day” assignment that he forgot... Continue Reading →

Manners Maketh Man

By Umer Ahmed “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”  [Sunan Ibn Majah, 3956] A Prophetic saying that neatly sums up the essence of good manners. It is counter to another popular aphorism “treat others how they treat you”, which dictates a self-centered attitude, eventually leading to a spiral of egoistic social... Continue Reading →

Understanding Human Behaviour through Islam and Western Psychology

By Numerah Bazme To compare and contrast between two aspects is to find similarities and differences among them. In this article, western psychology and the Islamic perspective are compared to understand the differences between the two ideologies. This article discusses three essential concepts: Human Nature, Human Motivation, and Free Will vs. Determinism in the light... Continue Reading →

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