Ramadan Challenge: It’s All Good!

By Fiza Khan Today was one of those days when I really....I mean reallyyyy....felt drained out by fasting. As I walked back home from the bus stop, in the peak heat of noon, all I could think of was, 'Water. Water. Water.' As I came closer to home, I heard myself saying 'Alhamdulillah' out loud.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: The Waning Dusk (series)

Myth: Can’t handle it. Take this-- if you have been whining about your growling stomach or super-conscious about your dry throat. “Allâh burdens not a person beyond his scope." (02:286) The verse is deep even in its literal translation with many implications. Every nafs (self) has its own capacity and every nafs will be burdened and... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: The Waning Dusk (series)

Myth: The ban is lifted at iftaar Allah (swt) says, “O, you who believe! Fasting has been made obligatory upon you as it was made upon those before you so that you become fearful of God.” (02:183) Maleficent. Captain America- Winter Soldier. X-men. TV series returning after a mid-season break. New episodes airing tonight. And... Continue Reading →

My Ramadan Diary: Do Yourself a Favour, Please?

  By Umm Ibrahim We’re funny people, aren’t we? We get lost in rituals and forget the rationales. We get lost in words and ignore the meanings. Ramadan has embraced us once again. Suhoor, Iftaar, Taraweeh. Eat, Drink, Sleep. Different people have different intentions, and they will, accordingly, reach different levels. Some are planning to... Continue Reading →

Ramadan: Muslims and their Forgotten Empathy

Brilliant piece of poetry submitted by a sister. Today while making Iftari, a sudden image struck me, As I fried the Pakorey, And brewed the tea. Somewhere, a boy sits under a tree, Staring at his mud caked hands; holding a bruised knee. And the sound of a gunshot echoes again, And he gets up... Continue Reading →

Month of Sha’baan

Sha'baan is awesome and here's why - find out! I heard fasting in Sha'baan is supposed to be awesome. What's the deal? Check it out! So the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to fast in the month of Sha'baan quite regularly. Here are the details: * ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be... Continue Reading →

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