Chapter 2: The Waning Dusk (series)

Myth: The ban is lifted at iftaar Allah (swt) says, “O, you who believe! Fasting has been made obligatory upon you as it was made upon those before you so that you become fearful of God.” (02:183) Maleficent. Captain America- Winter Soldier. X-men. TV series returning after a mid-season break. New episodes airing tonight. And... Continue Reading →

Fun, Love, Money.. Or is there more to life?

By Nadeem Ashraf NOTE: This article was based upon a few lectures that I gave at some schools in Faisalabad, including LGS, City School & Educare Academy. The article has purposefully been published in a lecture format so as to be of use to other brothers and sisters that would like to deliver a lecture... Continue Reading →

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