Changing the World Through Imaan

Guest writer Jawwad Ahmed sums up what he gleaned from Hamza Tzortzis’ eye-opening workshop ‘Changing the World through Imaan’ at PC Hotel Rawalpindi. In 2003, poverty claimed the lives of a good part of 10.6 million children under the age of 5 [1]. That is more than the children populations of France, Germany and Italy, combined.... Continue Reading →

The First Step of My Journey

Guest writer Haleema Sadia shares what she learnt at Hamza Tzortzis' inspiring workshop 'Changing the World through Imaan' at PC Hotel Rawalpindi. For the first time ever, I have started attending live talks by different religious speakers, starting this February. One word – beautiful. I realize now how beautiful my religion is, how completely and... Continue Reading →

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