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What you lookin’ at?


The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“..A sin is what creates restlessness in the soul and moves to and fro in the breast, even though people give you their opinion (in your favour) and continue to do so.” (Musnad Ahmad and ad-Darimi)

Gives a whole new perspective on actions and tortured thoughts, doesn’t it?

It is truly amazing to read of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam). Today if one says they do not wish to talk to the opposite gender unless they have to, they give you the oh-you-weird-extremist look. I wonder sometimes if we are starting to consider ourselves superior in faith than our pious predecessors from the Prophet’s era, like our mother ‘Ayesha (radhiAllahu anha) for instance. The lady did not chat with her camel handler, and neither did the latter make any attempt. Why though?

The conclusion is clear as daylight. They were the ones who had submitted truly, and we have not. Had our visions been tamed, and our gazes lowered, we wouldn’t be screeching thus:

You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil?
Could you be an angel?

– K.P.

Today we’re advocating bold gazes, and look-in-the-eye concept. Anything less is just too old-fashioned. The gaze is the absolute first step to sin. Allah wouldn’t have instructed us otherwise:

Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what they do. (Surah Al-Nur: ayah 30)

And He says it first to men! Yes, that point has long been under discussion but really, if we but clear the fog and become ones to submit for a moment, and then read the above – we would see it a little more lovingly and with grace. You can wear your tight pants and shirts, stare at women from your (so-assumed) superior positions with that terrible sardonic air, and then you have the temerity to suggest that women are the ones corrupting the society?

We all require to put in our maximum efforts. No one shall be able to get off that day blaming it on the other’s perfume, or clothes. Everyone has to carry their own burden and be answerable for it too. Everyone shall have to battle their own demons (which take up residence in the heart precisely after such staring encounters). I remember I once came across this interview on television where this actress was talking about her role in some movie and when asked about how to ensnare men, the lady very solemnly replied,

“Look into his eyes, look into his eyes, and look into his eyes…”

Only goes to show what some apparently harmless gaze can do. What to do then? Well, nothing worth doing or rewarding was ever too easy, was it? How ever would you be able to enjoy the taste of victory then? To this end, the most foolproof of methods involves asking for help from the most High. Know how we’ve been reading all these years about prayers being a shield from sins for the believer? Bring that into use. Ask the Almighty for help, and He is never One to disregard the sincere pleas sent His way. Reflect on the incomprehensibly beautiful rewards that await us in the form of Jannah, and how we do not wish to displease the One who loves us many more times than all the love of people combined.

Oh, and stop watching those romantic movies, scratch that – do NOT watch the movie if it has a clear hero and heroine. They are selling some serious smelling garbage in the name of Love. Shove away the romantic themed literature, especially the modern one. Stalk some good company until they decide to make you a part of them (Hint: Good folks usually do let you in soon.). Hunt for a simple translation of the Quran, and read 3 lines each day; no more no less; and ponder on it through the day. Happy taming then!


Polluted Eyes


By Nasser Ijaz Moghal

Tensions were high. You could almost cut the tension that permeated the air with a knife. I felt like Pacman as I roamed in the narrow rows and columns formed by hundreds of tables and chairs. You could tell that this was no easy day. All those anxious and worried faces stared into the abyss of a desolate unforgiving monstrosity: the exam hall. The students lined up like sheep being taken to the slaughter house. The hour came near as the students sat at their allocated places. The exam hall started buzzing with activity as soon as the following words were pronounced: “You may start.” I observed that the students differed in their stationery. While some carried only a pen, others were well equipped with erasers, sharpeners, scales, calculators, set squares, compasses and even chocolates. They were all very different, wearing different kinds of dresses. And this difference was not only outwardly but also inwardly. Each had a unique background, upbringing and mindset. The only thing common to all was #NazreinNeechay. Why? Because there was the fear of the invigilator, and they had a purpose in mind on which they were focusing diligently.

Enter now into the exam hall called life! In our lives today, we seem to have neither fear of Divine Authority, nor a sublime purpose to our lives. Hence, we don’t care about what images we devour with our eyes. These images that enter our pupils slowly yet certainly become a part of who we are.

Our entire education system is based on visual learning. You have to read books, look at diagrams, draw paintings and graphs. From the day that we set foot into our educational institutes, we are programmed to become visual slaves. When you say apple what comes to your mind? A red juicy fruit, right? And not the letter A-P-P-L-E, right? If so, you like the majority of people, are a visual learner. Now what do you think will happen when this visual learner goes into the real world and finds billboards, TV, Facebook, news channels, cinemas and shopping malls plastered by visual filth? There is so much visual pollution around us. People are worried about global warming and CO2 emissions. But is anyone concerned about our children whose eyes have been polluted with so much filth? They know by heart the names and bio-data of all the Hollywood actresses and actors, while the names of the Sahabah and Sahabiyaat allude them.

The Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) used to say that prayer was the coolness of his eyes. How many of our youth are aware of this reality or have experienced this? The coolness of their eyes lies in watching so and so porn star. When these youth are searching for a potential spouse, no one seems to match their criterion. Why? Because they have seen better. They aspire for photo-shopped princesses that only exist in ZUZU land. So they end up choosing a partner without Taqwa (piety), and losing both the worlds.

Do you think for a moment that Allah would let you gaze at Him with such polluted eyes?!! Can you even imagine the terror of the Day of Judgment, when Allah will question you for the eyes that He gave you?  A fly has 6000 eyes and it is interested only in seeing filth. Are you worse than that fly? Do you choose to anger Allah willingly? Or do you choose to be pleased with what Allah has prepared for his submissive slaves in Jannah. In that Jannah, where you will be pleased by Hoor-ul-ain, and by colors and shapes that you never imagined; where you will eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. Wallahi, brothers and sisters, Allah has a lot planned for you in Jannah so would you rather pollute your eyes here?

Thou Shalt Lower Thy Gaze!


Lowering the gaze- yes, that is actually one of the forgotten commandments.

You mean blue eyes! Woww.” She stared dreamily into space.

I just can’t control myself when I look at him…” she swooned, gazing at the actor’s image on the novel’s cover page.

That brother and his beard was so awesome! Ah! He was… ” she giggled as she described a guy.

It’s common to hear such statements even amongst seemingly religious girls.

Humans are creatures of desire, and we must battle against these desires every single day to subdue and control them.  That’s where lies our struggle.  And that’s where lies our reward.

Take some real life situations:

Brothers, imagine yourself sitting in the midst of the busy street, waiting to complete some important tasks.  Suddenly, you see some beautiful young ladies.  You struggle to lower your gaze.  Their giggles and laughter tempt you but you try to control.  Now, you have two choices: to look around and feast your eyes, or to remain steadfast out of His fear and for the delights of Jannah.

Perhaps Allah will be pleased by your effort and will marry you to the Hoor al ‘Ayn (beautiful women in Jannah) right at that moment.  Perhaps Allah will reward you with a beautiful wife even in this world.  Perhaps Allah will make easy for you the very task you had been waiting for.  After all, He is always with you and is managing all your affairs.

Sisters, imagine lowering your gaze for this fleeting moment and then enjoying that pleasure of locking your eyes with your handsome husband.  Imagine this for both this beautiful world and the life to come in the Hereafter.  You will be his queen in Jannah if both of you enter the place together, Insha Allah.  Imagine being a queen amongst the Hoor al ‘Ayn!

You have a choice.  You always do.  And that’s what defines your present life and the life in the Hereafter.  How wisely will you choose?
Fighting against desires is tough, but not that tough when you do it, seeking the Face of Allah Subhanau wa Ta’ala alone.  Let’s consider the case of two sisters.

As she entered the building to complete some paperwork, her sight fell on a group of brothers who were there for some work too.  She had a choice: to continue to look at them intently or to lower her gaze.  And she chose to lower her gaze out of respect, modesty, fear and humbleness for her Creator.  She did it for her purity, and for seeking the pleasure of Allah.  She was covered and by doing so, she was not oppressed but in fact, she was liberated.  She lowered her gaze and perhaps they, theirs.  She felt light.  She felt satisfied.  She felt liberated and at peace.

And the other one:

She ogled at many and fell for some and failed to fight those temptations.  Temptations upon temptations.  Evil upon evil.  And then, she finally met her husband.  She never felt true to herself.  Most importantly, she never felt true to Allah but until she repented.

As a Muslim woman, I can’t imagine myself staring at random men with desire and then getting married to another man.  I can’t imagine myself chit-chatting with many men and then talking to my husband.  In fact, I would love to lower my gaze and protect myself against lustful eyes out of His fear and then to see the blessing in the relationship with my husband.  At the same time, I can’t imagine my husband doing the same to me.  How beautiful your husband or wife would be to you – unique in their own way, without any parameters to measure the beauty with, since they would be the only one for you!  How wonderful would be the bond and how beautifully the spouses would find repose in each other!

Some people might think that this is such a trivial issue whereas we have big things to deal with in the Ummah.  I say to them: for dealing with big things, you need to work on ‘small’ things first and specifically on your seat of Imaan – the heart.  Do you really think you would be able to deal with those big issues when your heart is stinking with sins and enveloped in darkness?  Do you think Allah’s help will come to you while you are habitually disobeying Him?  It’s not about how trivial something may seem to you; it’s about racing to reach the highest level in Jannah.  Who knows by giving up this sin of yours, Allah may envelop you with mercy and raise your station in Jannah, insha Allah!

So, let your beautiful eyes be saved from committing their adultery.  Let your soul repent for the past and turn back to Allah.  Let it look forward to an amazing journey ahead with a purified gaze, insha Allah.


The Inseparable Two

By Umm ‘Aisha



Our beloved Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Indeed Haya (modesty) and Iman (faith) are Companions. When one of them is lifted, the other leaves as well. (Baihaqi)

Haya and Iman- these two remain joined together like Siamese twins!

Today we see shameless and immodest acts being committed openly around us by ‘Muslims’ in ‘Islamic’ countries.  Is it a sign that the level of our Iman has decreased so much that Haya is vanishing away?

The important question is: “What does Iman or faith in Allah give us? And how does shamelessness take it away?”

Faith in Allah is something that makes us accountable to One Supreme Being;
it makes us conscious of being ‘watched’,
it strengthens our belief in the Day that is approaching,
it makes us fearful of standing in front of the Rabb of the worlds,
it gives us a goal- a goal that doesn’t just revolve around ‘wake-up, eat, drink, have fun, die- THE END’,
it makes us work for something Supreme.

To sum it up: It makes us slaves of The King who made us his inheritors of this earth.  It makes us yearn and strive to be rewarded with the most amazing award imaginable: to see Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, to be in His Company, and to be His guests in Jannah.

Can someone with such a high aim afford to just play around all his life carelessly?  I believe not.

And this is where Haya comes in.  When you have such a high aim, such consciousness of Him, and such overwhelming thoughts about the One who owns you- you can’t dare do anything that displeases Him and takes you away from your goal.  When a Muslim realizes that his/her life is a struggle, not playful entertainment, it is then that Haya evolves and life truly begins.

Unfortunately, we appear to be living in a Dreamland where everyone is sleeping and chasing that ‘prince/princess’ of their dreams, without whom their life seems empty and worthless.

The essence of Iman has been lost, and the mission has been abandoned!

No one seems to know or care why Allah created them or what being a Muslim implies.  Had we understood the reality,  we would never have rushed behind a mirage hoping that it ends in marriage, that too in name of: ‘Half my Deen’!
In reality, how many of us have made marriage ‘all my Deen’ or ‘My only Deen’– the only thing we’re concerned about, our only aim in life!

Having said that, people may assume that I don’t regard marriage as an important part of Deen (Na’ozubillah). It’s not so!

I do believe in marriage being half of the Deen as mentioned in a famous Hadith.  I believe in marriage being a Halal way to satisfy one’s desires.  It is indeed a beautiful Sunnah that can’t be neglected.  But when you make it your center of life, the only thing you dream of, the only worry and concern that consumes you – then it does become a problem!

Having read and understood the aim of a Muslim above, understand the position of marriage by this example:

Suppose you are at a point X and you want to reach point Y, and you meet a person who also wants to reach point Y, and you feel that journey will become easier if you both started to travel together- so you both start to travel together.

So you see, that person is just a facilitator in the journey.  Just a buddy.  A means to the destination.  Not the destination.  Not the end.  And it’s not that without him/her, you can’t move ahead.  You can and must continue to travel to point Y with or without that person.

Similarly, you are here to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.  While doing this, if you meet a person, whom you think, can assist you in living your purpose and make the journey of life smooth, you marry that person.  That’s marriage- a MEAN not an END.

Understanding this fundamental point can help to solve most of the “love affairs”, rather “lust affairs” insha Allah.

#DestinationJannah (Aug-Sep ’13)

Join the campaign.
Aug 15th till Sep 15th: #DestinationJannah

Ramadan’s gone and most of us are struggling to maintain that spiritual high. It was easy in Ramadan to fast all day and stand in prayer all night, but how many of us have continued that practice all through Shawwaal? How many of us have continued to recite Quran like we did in Ramadan? Let’s be straightforward.. not many of us have been able to keep it up. It gets hard, I understand. Shaytan’s on the loose now, what more could you expect?

But it’s not all that bad, you see. There’s hope. There’s hope in the fact that you don’t need to do BIG things in order to attain big rewards. There’s hope in the fact that even the smallest of deeds can get you into Jannah, provided they’re done with sincerity of intention and according to the sunnah of the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam). If you do them regularly, BONUS! #TwoThumbsUp!

So let’s talk about the practical stuff. Let’s talk about the things that we can easily find time for in our busy schedules. Let’s talk about the small deeds that we usually overlook. Youth Club is giving you the opportunity to learn and teach. Use all the social media and networking tools available to you (Facebook, Twitter and blogs, to name a few) from August 15th till September 15th 2013 and post about the small deeds mentioned in the Quran/Sunnah for which we’re promised Jannah. Don’t forget to use the hash-tag #DestinationJannah. 🙂

A little motivation to begin with.. Ibn Abu Shayba reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said,

Every good deed is charity.

Source: Sahih Muslim 1005
Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Imam Muslim

Help us spread hope. Join the campaign! Even THIS is a small deed that you shouldn’t overlook. 😉

Join the campaign.
Aug 15th till Sep 15th: #DestinationJannah

P.S. If you’re still unclear about the procedure, ask in the comment section below.
P.P.S. If you’d like to write for our blog, send an email to youthclubblog@gmail.com right now. We’re quite welcoming mashaAllah. 🙂

The 2013 Youth!

So who is cooler and who makes more sense?! You decide!

So this first guy is your typical everyday 19-year-old Pakistani guy living in Islamabad and Lahore or any other major city in Pakistan.

He gets up every morning, shaves.. Because all ‘young’ people have to shave right ?! Because EVERYONE does it and says so right? .. The scratches, the itchiness, the stress on the face  is all worth it because then he’ll get looked at by mates at Uni and if lucky, a pretty girl will stare at him and fall in love with him, yeah?!  Hmmm.. Spends over 2 hours getting ready, combing every strand of his hair to perfection..! Creams his face.. Stares at the mirror almost asking the question.. “Mirror mirror on the wall..”!! He wears his tight jeans ’cause you know that’s the ‘in’ fashion nowadays! Doesn’t matter if they are uncomfortable..
Gotta look good !
Gotta look sharp!!
Puts on his best shirt, perfumes himself, bye to the family, catch the ‘wagon’.. Maybe stare at the pretty girl! You know, cheap thrills, yeah! Hoping she would look back! But no she doesn’t!! Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea (Uni), he thinks.
Gets to campus.. Meets his mates! High fives as  if they are Americans – accidentally happen to be in Pakistan(!). Gets invited to a party or 2.. Then talk about cricket.. “What a shot, what a chakka!!”.. Followed by “The government is so messed up man.. Followed by “Did you see that girl in that lecture?” .. Followed by “Let’s go Munchies/Savour/McDonald’s later yaaaaaaaar!!”.. Followed by “Oh this amazing song in that Aamir Khan movie.. Wow yaaar!” or “Have you downloaded that new track by Radiohead/Rihanna/Atif Aslam?!”
He misses all the prayers because none of his ‘friends ‘ are going to pray.. Plus he thinks he has got all his life to pray right?! Go Hajj when aged 40 and then pray regularly.. But right now I’m young! I’m cool! Wanna enjoy life! Death doesn’t come to youngsters at all right(!) right?!
Then he talks about exams stress. Lack of money.. Wish he had a Bollywood-type girl friend, had a car.. And just complain about life.. Go to the lectures.. Chill out with mates.. Go home.. More studies.. Sleep.. But before he sleeps he thinks what a boring life.. Everyday a let-down.. Why am I not at peace..? Everyday I try hard to impress the people  but the demands get higher!
Next day he goes through the same routine. Excited in the morning followed by disappointment towards the end of the day.. Same conversations. Same complaints.. Same have-to-get-this-and-that-but-can’t-get-it thinking! Frustration.. Lack of peace.. Working hard to please people.. Neglecting his duties towards the ONE that made him and therefore risking…



This other guy, who is also 19, that wakes up every morning to worships his Creator. He also goes to Uni dressed nicely, clean, without the intention of impressing his mates.
HE decides what he wears and not be dictated by some freak obscure designer in Lahore, Milan or New York. He has a beard because he wants to emulate the greatest human being that ever lived!
He goes to Uni and studies hard..
Greets his friends with greetings of peace and hand-shakes!
The kind of mates he meets are those that are thinking deeply about life! The type of conversations he engages in are:
“There is an Islamic lecture organised by YC [Youth Club].. Shall we go? We could all chip in for the taxi ride.” Followed  by “Do you have any suggestions for concentrating during Salah [prayer]?”
Followed by “Did you listen to that beautiful recitation by Qari so-and-so?”.. Then discuss a few points raised by a closet atheist.
Conversations but intellectual productive ones.
He prays his Salah.. He attends amazing thought-provoking, inspiring lectures after Uni. He has a vision for life based around worshiping the Creator. He is young, has feelings.. Wants a beautiful girl.. Some money.. Nice house.. To chill and relax.. But he knows not yet.. Not in this life.. He knows he needs to struggle and follow the commands of Islam on a daily level. His focus is excellence in worship because he knows that the wealth, the women, the fame, the compliments from people, the good food will either be given to him in this life, or better still, in..


So which guy do you want to be? The one that tries hard to please this world and tragically doesn’t get what he wants and potentially loses his hereafter?
The guy who is at peace, looking beyond what the people think and more concerned about what the creator of those very people thinks and is aiming to get to Paradise?

you decide


(Street Da`wah Team)