The Opportunity of a Lifetime

"Make this Ramadan the time when we finally make an everlasting change. Our intention should be that we will continue the good work way after this one month. Make some promises to ourselves that this Ramadan we will finally make that change in our lives that we’ve been thinking about for years. The mindset should be that I will fast and worship Allah not because my family does it or all of our mates do it but because it is incumbent upon me to do this sort of worship." Read more on YC Blog! #Ramadan #YouthClubPk #YouthClubBlog #Habits #Ramadan2022

Allah Does Not Answer My Prayers!

By Sumbul Saleem Khanzada After a point in my life, I started believing that nothing matters more than one's inner peace... Sometimes, I miss the older me. But the fact is, I have started admiring my new version. I don't play the victim in my life no matter what I go through and I never will! One... Continue Reading →

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