Ramadan Challenge: Steps to Quit Music Forever!

  By Abdul Rehman Raza In this age of troubles, when Islam has become difficult to follow, music is one of the most common problems for the youth. Music is now a multi-billion-dollar industry and has taken the form of an addiction for many. If you are reading this because you are looking for a... Continue Reading →

Calm Down- Its Nothing!

We will try to describe the average young Pakistani in today's world. (This may apply to all youngsters around the world) + (This could apply to females but for the sake of this article, we will use 'he' as most of our interaction on the streets is with the guys!) If you feel you can relate... Continue Reading →

The Best Song Ever

By Saadia Humayun I am the sort of person who can pull up a song from any word in a conversation. And can also pull up a Quranic verse from the same convo. No, I do not have acoustic bipolar, thank you very much. It just depends on which side of the bed I woke up that... Continue Reading →

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