My ummah. MINE.

By Maryam Qadeer 1 She walked with a steady pace born of resignation and sank to the floor for respite. It was uncharacteristic of her, as most days she would get to work straightaway. Lady: Would you like some tea, N? N: No ma’am. Lady: Have some breakfast then, you must be hungry. N: *after... Continue Reading →

Change thyself, Change the Ummah

by Umm' Aishah 'Young Ones Series'-keeping in mind the theme 'My Ummah', Youth Club would like to start off by involving the little ones of our society, in an effort to inculcate the spirit of unity at the basic level.    “Aaqib! Wind up your homework, its time for Maghrib!” “OK Mama, almost done!” Aaqib... Continue Reading →

My Ummah!

We begin our days with warm cups of tea. Our lives are full of luxuries. Our needs and wants are lavishly fulfilled. Our days swirl through with smiles and end on comfortable beds, cool rooms and cushioned confines. Busy with our daily lives, we forget that somewhere a child cries because his parents have just... Continue Reading →

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