Pursuit of Success

By Saima Shahzad People from different walks of life have a similar idea of success i. e. to own a happy family, a progressing career and a trendy lifestyle. In this race of getting ahead of each other, people tend to forget that their pursuit of success is faulty. It doesn’t sound wise to choose... Continue Reading →

Peer pressure is making us fail.

Muhammad Fahd Mahboob I don’t know the secret of success, but the secret of failure is "trying to please everyone" – An incredibly profound statement. The fear of peoples’ opinions about us can be very daunting.  Fear? Oh yes, because we inherently don’t like criticism or to be thought of poorly. We can get quite... Continue Reading →

Five practical steps to be a steadfast Muslim!

Not a single person can deny the fact that human nature is notorious and censurable;  history is one unfortunate witness to this very fact! But human beings are bound to err. They were never designed to be perfect, nor  do they run on pre-defined algorithms for pre-designed results. They are not machines- rather they are driven by their... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Happiness

The writer is a convert sister from the Scandinavian part of Europe who has been following the activities of the Youth Club through the online realm. She has written this piece exclusively for the Youth Club Blog. We welcome her to Islam, and pray that Allah grants her steadfastness.   I've been raised watching romantic comedies and all kinds... Continue Reading →

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