The YC Ramadan Planner 2023

Ramadan is just around the corner, and we are as excited as you are. After all, it's a month of immense mercy, bundles of blessing and ultimate forgiveness. As Muslims, we naturally want to make the most out of it and take in every ounce of goodness packed in this blessed month. But oftentimes, despite... Continue Reading →

K-pop: The Dark Side

Today, the K-pop world is celebrating SUGA’s birthday. He’s BTS's lead rapper and a record-breaking solo artist of his own right. But back in 2012, he was struggling. With no support from his family, he’d been forced to take up a delivery job to make ends meet. During a round he had an accident which... Continue Reading →


In the previous months, there has been enough talk about the trans agenda that has taken over our screens with the release of Joyland. We had the serial Ankahi giving a cheeky thumbs up to Joyland, and now the latest episode of the popular USAID-funded serial Sar-e-Rah! Wait, what is USAID doing here? Read on!... Continue Reading →

Dear Flood Victims, We Are With You! 

"Pakistan is facing an emergency!"  "Over 30 million people have been affected by the floods."  "The damage is so colossal; it will take years to rebuild…."  Terrifying and heart-wrenching headlines and videos have been circulating on social media. Stones waiting to crumble, buildings ready to crash, food, clothing, shelter - nowhere to be found, and... Continue Reading →

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